1. Background

 Ikore International Development Organization as part of its project plan would require in the absence of its official vehicles, the services of a car rental provider(s) to transport Ikore Staff and Consultants to sites in Abuja and surroundings. Ikore would like to enter into a Long-Term Arrangement (LTA) with a car rental company through a competitive bidding process to provide the aforementioned services in the year 2020 on a fixed price basis. The prices quoted by the company for the various categories of rental services, when agreed on by Ikore shall be fixed for 12months from the date of the LTA signature. The successful service provider shall perform the required services in line with Ikore standards in high level of quality and shall follow all applications and directives as identified by this TOR.

 2. Duration of the Contract

 The proposed contract duration shall be 12 months starting from January 2021 to January 2022.

 3. Scope of Work

 Provision of car rental services with professional drivers as per the following scheduled of work:

 a) Vehicle rental (Saloon Car) with fuel

 b) Vehicle rental (SUV) with fuel

 4. Responsibilities of the Contractor

 The contractor will be fully responsible for the following:

 a) The contractor must have owned vehicles for the purpose of this work. The vehicles must be well maintained, comfortable, reliable and road worthy. It should be insured and registered with appropriate Government Agencies to operate rental services in Nigeria. The vehicles must be equipped with a good air conditioning system as well as functional seat belts.

 b) The Contractor shall bear the cost of fuel, lubricants, maintenance and repairs as well as all road toll fees/levies to the final destination. All other expense(s) which would be incurred on the vehicle and the driver(s) shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.

 c) The Contractor shall provide vehicles as required for the contract period, In the event where a vehicle breaks down, is involved in an accident, and no longer safe to drive, and or has mechanical/electrical issues the service provider must arrange for its immediate replacement and roadside assistance to the driver.

 d) The assigned vehicle(s) must at all times be clean and tidy when arriving to pick up the passengers;

 e) The agreed payment rates should be inclusive of any allowance / insurance for contractor’s drivers and other involved workers. Ikore shall not be responsible for any payments to contractor’s workers.

 f) The contractor’s drivers must be well dressed on duty and have a valid identification card. The drivers and any other personnel of the contractor shall not be entitled to any benefit accrued to Ikore personnel/staff.

 g) All drivers should be monitored by the service provider for their driving behaviour, speed acceleration, harsh braking, alcohol and drugs use, and criminal records. Ikore does not appoint drivers with criminal records nor alcohol and drug use.

 h) The company is required to inform Ikore within 24 hours in advance in case of a change of the driver or vehicle assigned to Ikore account.

 i) Should the successful service provider be unable to provide the services required by Ikore within 3 working days of contract commencement or during the course of contract, Ikore shall have the right to procure services from the market and any additional expenses associated with this action will be borne by the service provider. This is considered a mandatory requirement, where non-compliance will result in terminating the contract.

 j) The services rendered by the service provider must be performed in full consideration to the confidentiality and secrecy.

 k) Ikore is exempt from all direct taxes, customs duties and charges.

 Note: Upon request, copies of the registration documents of the vehicles assigned for Ikore along with the copies of the driving license and company ID card of the drivers to be provided to Ikore for record

 5. Driver’s Qualification

 The drivers must fulfill following requirements:

 a) Must be fully qualified and licensed in accordance with the applicable Nigerian laws for the provision of taxi services;

 b) Must have at least 3 years of relevant professional experience;

 c) Besides their mother tongue must be able to communicate in English;

 d) Must have a very good knowledge of the road networks in Abuja and environs or be able to use GIS maps;

 e) Must have a good driving record;

 f) Company must ensure the physically fitness of the driver;

 g) Must possess basic technical and regular maintenance knowledge of vehicles.

 h) The firm will be responsible for the behaviour/actions of the drivers and will be responsible to provide the immediate replacement in case of complaints/misconduct.

6. Daily Rate and payment terms

 Computation of daily rate (Half day or Full day day’s rate) would be calculated based on rendered service. Payment shall be made in Nigerian Naira within 30 days of submission of invoice after a successful completion of services.

 7. Administration

 The Contractor shall provide a liaison officer who will be responsible as focal point and manage the relationship with Ikore focal person.

8. Criteria for Evaluation of Offers

 Proposals received by Ikore shall be evaluated on their merits by a team of technical panel. The pass points for technical qualification shall be 40point out of the 60points allocated for technical requirements. Companies that will score less than 40points for the technical qualifications would not be considered for the next stage of the evaluation. Points would be awarded to all the requirements under the technical qualification 

 8.1 Technical qualifications and expected industry experience (60 points)

 a) Evidences of the company’s business registration documents including:

 i. Certificate of Incorporation

 ii. VAT/ IRS Registration Certificate (Renewed)

 b) Company profile with details of driver’s qualifications and experience as well as other personnel who will be assigned for this service.

 c) Reference to at least two companies (customers) of bidder’s car hire business. The company’s name, address/email, contact person and telephone number.

 d) The number of owned vehicles, with details (Sedan/4WD, etc.) owned by company. Please indicate owned and reliance on subcontracting arrangement. 

 8.2 Financial Proposal (40 points)

 The financial offers shall be evaluated on a competitive basis, awarding the lowest average price 40 points. A company would have to quote an offer for all the categories of car rental services in other to make a valid financial proposal to be scored over 40 points. A blank price schedule has been prepared for your summary financial proposal.

 The formula for calculating the points scored for the financial offer shall be:

 Company (X) points = Lowest average price * 30points

 Company (X) average price

 9. Policies both parties should be aware of:

 a) Ikore Long Term Arrangement (LTA) is not a contract. It is a commitment for:

 i. Ikore to procure its taxi shuttle services from the LTA holder as and when required without any commitment on minimum value

 ii. A successful LTA holder to maintain the prices for the various categories of rental services quoted till the LTA expiry date.

 b) A formal contract would be signed with the LTA holders as and when a taxi shuttle service is required by Ikore in which case the particular category of the services would be mentioned in the contract with the LTA price as well as the terms and conditions of the LTA.

 Other enquiries may be directed as follows:

 Name: Ikore

 Tel: 07088559767

 Email: jobs@ikore.org

 Please note that the deadline for submission of application is 30th October, 2020.