The LIDISKI TEAM recently concluded an energy audit of the National Veterinary Research Institute in Vom and Bauchi Outstations to begin the process of purchasing and installing solar panels that will help improve cold chain during vaccine delivery. This will help maintain the potency of vaccines from the point of the manufacture to the point of use.

This project is funded by @euinnigeria

Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) sampling

 LIDISKI commenced PPR sampling (collection of tissue samples from suspected PPR cases) in sheep and goats in the pilot states of Plateau and Bauchi and has completed some phases of this process. Collection and serotyping new samples for PPR is also ongoing to identify novel strains of PPR virus circulating in the region.

Participatory epidiemiology(PE) and Socioeconomic (SE) survey.

The project is taking an integrated approach to improve surveillance and control of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) and Newcastle disease (ND). This approach involves using and coordinating several types of activities to ensure better disease management.

The first activity aims to involve field actors in vaccination campaigns and in disease reporting.  This means organizing training and awareness-raising drives and developing disease reporting apps.

The second aspect of the approach is field data collection to understand the epidemiological aspect of diseases and pinpoint the socioeconomic impact on local communities.